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Cash register. Electronic time recorder. Electronic checkwriter. Currency detector. Laminator. Shredder. Fax machine. POS peripheral.etc
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Repair serving explanation

  • Free shipping

    1. To provide Taiwan-wide (limited to the island) free shipping to the House delivery service, so you do not have to go out can easily repair the goods. Collection time for the working day of about 1 to 2 days (except for holidays). 

    2. Intimate small warning: If the urgency of repair goods, customers can mail their own maintenance, when the freight will be deducted from the cost of maintenance (unified deductible freight amount NT100 tax in dollars the whole).

    3. The maintenance of the company's products after the test offer, if you do not agree with the maintenance, the need to receive testing fees NT525(tax in) dollars.

  • Repair and warranty 3 months

    Warranty The warranty period shall be calculated from the date on which the document is opened upon completion of repair. If the warranty within three months of product damage caused by human factors or different causes of failure, that is not in the warranty, the maintenance costs to be extra. ※ If the machine is not returned within 30 days, it will not be responsible for storage. The starting date will start on the day of delivery.

  • How do we arrange pickup?

    Please read the above precautions, to the bottom of the click I want to repair, you can apply online maintenance pick up, we will be the fastest speed for you to deal with. Note: to receive the goods shipped by the 100-yang Information Technology Co., Ltd. designated.


Calling to regional maintenance center
for inquiry gets free freight






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